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Cold Water Boots are a brilliant and easy alternative to cold hosing.

They are full of micro-crystals which turn into a gel when soaked in water. The gel forms a soft cushion which is comfortable against the horse's skin. Anatomical design allows horses to be walked around whilst wearing the boots; no need to stand still. A great idea for reducing swelling, cooling tendons after exercise or treating injuries.

  • Micro-crystals turn into a gel when soaked in water
  • Unique design helps prevent slipping
  • Anatomic, wrapping shape makes them easy to put on and take off
  • Do not use on cuts, abrasions or damaged skin
  • Can be used on front and hind legs
  • Activate crystals by soaking in cold water 24 hours before first use
  • When finished using the boots, dry naturally away from direct heat sources
  • Once the boots have been used, you only need to soak for approximately 1 hour to reactivate the crystals and use again

USING COLD WATER BOOTS AFTER EXERCISE: After hard work the Cold Water Boots should be applied for around 20 minutes. For extra cold treatment place ice or ice packs in the bucket of water that they are being soaked in. The colder the water, the colder the boots. For a maximum cold effect, place the Cold Water Boots straight from the ice water into a bag and leave in the fridge for one hour, this will provide a 3-5 minute initial blast of cold on the horse's leg. Never freeze Cold Water Boots.


Apply at least 6-7 times a day and use for no longer than 20 minutes at a time. After 20 minutes the heat of the horse's leg will naturally start to heat up the Cold Water Boots.


If competing or using for injury over a couple of days the boots can be stored in the bucket of water. Once finished with the boots they need to be hung out to dry, away from direct sunlight. Once dry they can be stored away. When getting the boots back out to use again, soak for 1 hour to reactivate.


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Excellent Product

By: on 23 March 2021
Arrived fast; great price. Excellent video available on YouTube to demonstrate how to use effectively (activation time for gel). Really helped my post laminitic pony cool on a hot day. Well made (tough, durable). How did I survive without these before? Happy with purchase & I definitely recommend these.

Great Boots

By: on 12 March 2019
Effective and easy to use, these boots are a great product.

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